What To DO If I Get A Virus

What to do if i get a virus

The first thing that you have to do if you get a virus, is to turn off your computer. Some of the signs when a computer is infected with a virus is that the computer acts rare with pops and it’s really slow. Many times windows pop up and it’s not possible to close them and even if you close them they pop up again.

The sooner you bring us your computer, the better chances you have of having your computer faster and with not changes. The more you keep your computer running with the infection, the more you have chances that your important data is compromised and less chances that the computer will be the same and a system reset is imminent.

If you are not sure that what you are doing is going to remove the virus on your computer, quit doing it, it can get stronger and  harder to remove and make your computer unstable. Come to us today and lets that good care of your computer in few hours.

Computer EmergencyFor all your computer emergencies, there is a tech in Reseda working 7 days a week for your convenience. Get computer repair service when and where you need it!

Computer-helpSimple computer fixes are done free at the shop. Many times simple things like disabling unnecessary programs, a driver reinstall or a browser reset can make the computer to malfunction. If we can resolve any computer issue at in matter of minutes, there is not charge!

Computer issuesDo you have a quick question about a computer issue? MY fave tech can clear out any concern about any computer issue and we might be able to save you lots of money on a major repair.