Basic Computer Repair

Basic computer repair Diagnostic

The first thing that you have to test for a basic computer repair diagnostic is the temperature of the computer. Just put your hands over the keyboard of the laptop and see if the temperature is abnormal. Usually when the computer laptop or desktop is overheating the fan becomes really noise.

Another common computer repair issue is when the computer freezes after minutes of being on. This could a be symptom a bad hard drive or a very bad infect computer with viruses.

Also if the computer doesn’t want to turn on, there is a good possibility that the computer is not getting power. Check different power outlet or even different laptop chargers. If that didn’t fix your computer issue, you will have to stop by our computer repair shop for free diagnostic. Remember that we have most charger available!

To finish, remember to dust off your computer once in a while, this could save you a lot of money and avoid the risk of losing your important information.

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